Lets take a journey, through the life of an aircraft. Some are fortunate enough to be purchased and operated by the same carrier through its entire lifespan, while others are shuffled around, but remain in service. Take a look at this Boeing 737-300 series with a Construction Number, 23237. This aircraft was built and delivered to Piedmont Airlines on May 1st 1986 with the Tail Number N320P. With a year of service, Piedmont was merged(bought by) US Air and renamed N340US. Less than a decade later when US Air re-branded itself, the aircraft was able to keep the same tail number, but did get repainted. Almost another 10 years later, US Airways merged with America West Airlines and the 737 received an updated livery and tail number, N503UW. This run with the New US Airways was short lived, only from January of 2006 to August of 2007 where it was pulled from service in an effort to remove the less efficient planes and stored in the California desert. Less than a year into storage, the aircraft was purchased by Cargo Air (Current tail number LZ-CGO) in Bulgaria and is one of the two aircraft in its fleet.

Not a bad service life this aircraft that was made in the Northwest, flew around the Southeast, then the East Coast, then the entire country, and now in the Ex-Soviet Bloc.